Adurite Ore


Worth $78,720
Spawn Chance Low. Spawns in different layers, but mostly found in the ruby layer.
Best Way to Obtain
  •  Strip mine around Granite and Obsidian. 
  • Often seen at -420. 
  • Wait for the ores/dirt to change into Adurite.
  • Many players see this around X=4.
  • Commonly seen in the ruby layer.

Adurite is a legendary ore on The Quarry. It has a sell value of $78,720.  It is the fourth rarest ore, the fifth being Tektite and third being Viridian.  Adurite was released into the game on September 9th, 2014.


It had an Adurite texture as seen on the Adurite ROBLOX hats, making it a unique ore since it was the only ore that did not use ROBLOX materials. In V1.0, the Adurite texture changed and is now a red, glowing cobblestone.  The red glow can easily be mistaken for Tektite.

Location Edit

Adurite is rarer than Unobtainium in dirt, it is extremely rarely found in stone; it is very rarely found in granite and lower layers, but is only relatively rare in ruby.


Dave's description is: People use this to make hats!

Badge Description:  Do you need an Adurite item to find one?  Maybe.


  • Adurite was based on the idea from the official ROBLOX Summer Games 2014, when ROBLOX made Adurite hats as prizes for playing the summer games; thus, being the first ore to be based on ROBLOX ideas (The second is Viridian), while others might be based on reality, on a Sci-Fi movie, or even original!
  • It looked like a lava/magma block before the ROBLOX Holiday 2014 update came.
  • This is the only legendary ore to not have a special message.