Amethyst Ore


Worth $2,048
Spawn Chance Medium. Spawns in all layers.
Best Way to Obtain Get TNTs or buy Instamine or Sandbox Mode to find it easily.

Amethyst is currently the ore that is rarer than Turquoise but more common than Platinum. Like Tektite and Platinum, this ore is the one of the three rare ores to turn common ores (not counting Copper) into rare ores like this. This is the 2nd most common rare ore in the game and is the 7th rarest ore overall.


Amethyst appears to have a dark purplish glow with Purple and a ROBLOX granite texture. If you are mining in obsidian you may mistake it for unobtainium due to its purple glow appearing semi-blue on obsidian.

Description Edit

In-game description: Highest grade gem, used for exceptional enhancements. Extremely valuable. Unknown depth.

Location Edit

Amethyst is extremely rare in dirt, rare in stone, and uncommon in granite and obsidian. However, like all rare ores, amethyst can replace common ores, actually making them more common in dirt and stone, but mostly found in holes.

Badge Edit

It's very unknown.

Unkown may be a spelling error.


RobloxScreenShot02272015 210331413

Stormmaster7721 mining Amethyst (Me)


  • When you go to Bedrock and find rares, a pattern will occur, if you notice.
    1. Uranium ores will always be seen along the way.
    2. Amethyst and Platinum ores will mostly be seen at a random point of time.
    3. Tektite ores are the same to Amethyst and Platinum ores, but doubled up its' rarity.
    4. Adurite ores are hiding birds during the way, which meaning they are doubled up from Tektite's rarity.
    5. Fire Crystals and Unobtainiums won't be that easy to find at all. Fire Crystals are like 1/200 from spawn, and Unobtainiums are a lot rare than the average ores.
  • Amethysts are one of the ores to be based on their reality selves, being one of the ores to do so. Tektites and Uraniums might be the other two as well, while some might be based on ROBLOX ideas, or even based on a Sci-Fi movie.
  • Sometimes, for whatever reason, the game will spawn a "Black Glitch Ore". It is an amethyst inside of a platinum. Mining it will give you both. This can also happen with tektite.