Diamond is a gem that can be rare or common. It is the rarest common ore in the game and, overall, is the tenth rarest ore. It is preceded by emerald (although the in-game list lists ruby to precede it) and is succeeded by uranium.


Diamond has a Light Blue color with a Marble texture.

It is often mistaken by silver.


In dirt, diamonds are rare. In stone, diamonds are uncommon. In granite and obsidian, diamonds are common.

Price Edit

The price of one Diamond is $194, nearly two hundred dollars. Diamonds are valuable to new players while not so to other players. Though, since it is a common ore, rare ores can replace diamonds over time. Diamonds are also the rarest ore that is not a rare ore, so because of its price, getting a lot of them can be good.

Trivia Edit

  • People who play Minecraft may get crazy when they find this, even though it's not the rarest and expensive in The Quarry.