General Edit

Dynamite is an item that can be bought at Steve's General Store at a price of $25,000 per 20 dynamite. It can be used to destroy Bedrock, but cannot destroy any other blocks. However, its ability to destroy bedrock makes it useful. It is still not recommended to buy large quantities of it unless you have nothing else to spend your money on.

Badge Edit

It has a low chance to turn into a blue Dynamite when you use it, that does two times more the normal damage radius, and if you happen to be caught in the explosion, you will be awarded with the badge: Blast!

Look Edit

RobloxScreenShot10262014 192629141

Dynamite in halloween. (credit to eletricflame546)

It has a normal TNT mesh on normal, but in Halloween its a pumpkin mesh.

It has a present mesh in December, as part of the Christmas update.

RobloxScreenShot12212014 183500800