Emerald is the 11th rarest ore in the game and the second rarest gem. It is preceded by ruby (though in-game lists list sapphire before ruby) and is succeeded by diamond (though in-game lists list ruby after emerald).

Detail Edit

Emerald is a light green ore.

Location Edit

Emerald is uncommonly found in dirt and stone, but is common in granite and lower layers.

Price Edit

Emerald is worth $86. It is very good for new players, however, for other players, not so much. However, get a lot of it can add up, as only 6 emeralds is needed to get the same price as uranium. Also, rare ores can replace emerald over time, because it is a common ore, making it useful to leave behind. It makes up its own layer under the ruby layer.

Description Edit

In-Game Description:

A valuable gem to mine and can be found below -150. Common below -250.

Badge Description:

It's actually worth more than ruby?
RobloxScreenShot10262014 182608039

Emerald being mined.