Fire Crystal Ore 1

Fire Crystal

Worth $171,072
Spawn Chance Medium-low. Spawns mainly in obsidian or lower layers.
Best Way to Obtain

Strip mine in gold layer or amethyst layer. Fire Crystal happens to be significantly more abundant in gold layer than any other.


Fire Crystal, also known as FC or the Mystery Ore (badge), is a very rare ore. It is the second rarest ore, after Unobtainium. It can be sold for $171,072. The Fire Crystal is known for being the rare Mystery Ore in the game. Around 10,000 people have ever found this. That is how rare the ore is.


The Fire Crystal is fairly easy to spot, but hard to find. It has a foil texture and fire effects. It looks like copper (some say gold), but with fire it gives off a bright orange glow. It also sparkles.


Fire Crystal is rarely found in obsidian. It can also be found in granite, Fire Crystal is mostly found from-776 to -1188. Unlike other rare ores, Fire Crystal, along with Viridian and Unobtainium, cannot replace common ores. (Adurite can replace layer blocks.) You have a higher chance of finding it in lower layers, like the gold layer.