Gold is the 14th rarest ore in the game. It is succeeded by Sapphire. Digging far enough down in Obsidian all the way to -1602 will unveil a layer entirely made of Gold.

Details Edit

It is a reflective yellow block. When shone in the red light of Tektite or Adurite, it may appear to look like Fire Crystal.

Location Edit

Gold is commonly found in all layers except for -1 to -9 in dirt. There it's uncommon.

Price Edit

Gold sells for $34, making gold useful to new players but not so much to other players. However, gold can be worth more because rare ores can replace it over time because gold is a common ore, making gold useful to leave behind.

Description Edit

Dave's In-game description: "Generally a valuable ore for intermediate level miners."


Trivia Edit

  • Gold is actually very useful for people in dirt who can't mine stone fast.
  • Its badge description is "It should be worth more... Right?"
  • About 800,000 different people have found gold sometime in their quarry career.
  • The gold layer is the most common place for rare ores to spawn.