Platinum Ore


Worth $6,096
Spawn Chance Not quite rare to spawn. It can pretty much spawn in any layer.
Best Way to Obtain Mine straight down, they'll be mostly common around Granite and Obsidian.

Platinum is the 6th rarest ore in The Quarry. It is one out of the four rare ores that makes sparkles, along with Turquoise, Viridian, and Unobtainium. It also has the ability to replace common ores, the others being Amethyst and Tektite. It is preceded by Amethyst and succeeded by Tektite.

Details Edit

It is a bright white ore with a pebble material (the other being Uranium). It also has white sparkles.

Location Edit

Platinum cannot be found in dirt, very rarely in stone, rarely in granite, and uncommon in obsidian. However, like all rare ores, platinum can replace common ores, allowing them to be easily found in holes in all layers.

Description Edit

Dave's in-game description:

The most precious alloy within The Quarry!


A group of Platinum blocks near each other, along with Amethyst and Uranium.


  • There is actually a glitch with this ore. Sometimes, the game will, for whatever reason, spawn a platinum... but with a tektite or amethyst IN THE SAME SPOT. The result is what looks like a sparkling amethyst or tektite. When you mine it, you can mine it twice to get both the platinum AND the amethyst/tektite that came with it. Many call this the "Black Glitch Ore", and it bears a very strong resemblance to Unobtainium, aside from the color of the glow.