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What is The Quarry?

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History behind The Quarry:

The Quarry is a game in Roblox published by Dummiez. It became a reality after a Roblox update broke a similar game by Piedude777, named Epic Mining 2. Dummiez decided to make a tribute to the game with an attempt to recreate a mining game, and so The Quarry was born.

Current game description:

Explore the tunnels of The Quarry with friends and mine for ores!


- Gameplay update 6/1/15.

- Gamepasses not working have been fixed.

- Minor UI fixes. - Reverted to Holiday map due to incompatibility.

Type '/quality' to lower the graphics if you are laggy, or playing on a mobile device.

Would like to give many thanks to QuintinityZero.

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Game elements and plot:

The Quarry is basicly a mining game, the game environment consist of:

When you first spawn in the game you are presented with an GUI (Graphical User Interface), that gives you the oppotunity to either create a new game , load a previous saved game and a button to see the information.

As of version 0.9 BETA the Main Menu looks like this:


Main Menu picture of The Quarry as of v0.9 BETA

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