Ruby is the 12th rarest ore and the second most common gem. It is preceded by sapphire (though in-game lists list emerald before ruby) and is succeeded by emerald.

Detail Edit

Ruby is a dark red ore with a marble texture. It shares textures with sapphire and turquoise, but it has a different color.

Location Edit

Ruby is uncommonly found in dirt but commonly spawns in the rest of the layers. It has its own layer under the sapphire layer.

Price Edit

Ruby is worth $66. Like sapphire, it is good for new players, but not so much for other players. However, if you get enough of it, then it is worth quite a lot, as 8 rubies add up to a uranium. Also, rare ores can replace ruby over time, making it useful to leave behind.

Description Edit

In-game Description: One of the most commonly found gems.

Badge Description: Oh the nostalgia (The creator made a reference to a kid's show named Max & Ruby, on Nick Jr.)

Gallery Edit

Ruby Image

Badge from the game

RobloxScreenShot10262014 194435990

Ruby in game.