Sapphire is the 13th rarest ore in the game and the most common gem in the game. It is preceded by gold and is succeeded by ruby (though in-game lists emerald after Sapphire).

Detail Edit

Sapphire is blue with black streaks across it. It shares textures with ruby and turquoise, but with different colors. Therefore, under the lights of different rare ores, it can appear to be ruby or Turquoise.

Location Edit

Sapphire is uncommonly found in Dirt and is commonly found in Stone, Granite, Obsidian, and Gold. It makes up a layer under the Gold layer.

Price Edit

Sapphire can be sold for $48. It is really useful to new players, but to other players, not so much. However, getting a lot of these can be pretty good, as 11 sapphires can add up to the price of one Uranium. Also, rare ores can replace Sapphire over time, making them useful to leave behind.