Unobtanium Ore
Worth $661,337
Spawn Chance Very nearly 0% in all layers except Amethyst, where it is insanely common in comparison to the other layers.
Best Way to Obtain I guarantee you will get this by mining in the Amethyst layer. Instamine helps.

Unobtainium is a legendary ore that is the rarest out of all the ores, being worth $661,337. It is more expensive than FC, since it sells for $661,337 while FC only sells for $171,072. Less than 1,500 players have ever obtained this ore. Most of these players have found it at Bedrock (-1189). (This was before the update that added ore layers.)


It is a blue color, with blue sparkles and flames in game. It glows blue.


In-game description is: It came from pandora!!


  • Hence its name, Unobtainium, the chance of you getting it is very minimal.
  • Only 2100 people have ever gotten Unobtainium.
  • If you go to the Amethyst layer, either with presumably 500k mined or by bypassing the limit, Unobtainium is actually relatively common.