Uranium is the most common rare ore, and is the rare ore with the least value. Overall it is the ninth rarest ore. It is preceded by diamond and is succeeded by Turquoise.

Overview Edit

Uranium is an ore that glows with a green light and lights up other blocks around it with a green glow.

Location Edit

Uranium is very common in Dirt, common in Stone, common in Granite, and relatively common in Obsidian. However, Uranium is very common in holes, because since ore discoveries may be Uranium, it can replace layers (it cannot replace ores via "Some of the Ore X blocks have turned into Ore Y!"). Because of its spawning in Granite and Obsidian and its price (it only takes 3 Diamonds to fill up the value of a Uranium), it is considered quite common, but is still mined when looking for rare ores.

Price Edit

Uranium is worth $510. It is worth a lot, especially to new players, and therefore should be obtained. Although, the value of three diamonds surpasses the value of uranium, and as it is the most common rare ore, it is the rare ore with the lowest value.


Dave's Refinery description is: A rare metallic element. Glows green in the dark.

Badge Edit

The badge states "Depleted Uranium."



  • There used to be a message when you found Uranium before V1.0 came. However, it's unknown what happened to the message, either it was removed during that time or something like that. It is most likely that the message was too common and spammed the chat. If it was added back and players in the full uranium layer, it's going to be likely that the chat will be full with uranium messages.
  • Uraniums are based on their reality selves, being one of the ores in The Quarry to be based on reality. Tektites and Amethysts may also be, while others might be based on ROBLOX ideas or might be based on a Sci-Fi movie.
  • In real life, Uranium is highly radioactive.