Overview Edit

Real Viridian


Worth $314,666
Spawn Chance Low (If you have "Instamine" or "Sandbox", I guarantee you will find this.)
Best Way to Obtain Strip mining in Granite, or for more experienced players, strip mining in Amethyst.

Viridian is a green ore with a cobblestone texture. It emits a dull green glow. It is preceded by Adurite, and oddly, the third rarest ore/gem in the game, Unobtainium being first and Fire Crystal being second. It's glow isn't as bright as the other rare ores, but it does have a dimmer version of Platinum's glow (complete with the sparkles). The reason it is so expensive is probably because people will look for this in obsidian when they're supposed to look in granite.

Location Edit

Viridian can be mostly found around -776, but it can be only found throughout the Granite layer. Viridian spawns more often as the server-wide "Blocks Mined" limit gets closer. You can find it very easy if you have insta or sandbox mode like it says to the board.

In-Game Shop Description Edit

Value: $314,666.00

ROBLOX's genuine ore!"

Trivia Edit

  • Many people believe that this was the "???" ore, since it replaces the "???" ore in the shop, and it has finally been added.
  • More people have found this than they have Unobtainium. Also, LESS people have found this than they have FC; this is simply due to the fact that it is newer to the game, NOT because it is rarer.
  • Viridian is the second ore to be based off of a ROBLOX idea. The first is Adurite.
    • Viridian is also the second ore to have the cobblestone texture while the first being the Adurite.
  • Viridian is the only ore to be only found in the Granite layer and the only ore to appear in one layer before the 12/26/16 update. It is now also found in the amethyst layer.
  • Depending on where you look, this is arguably more common than Adurite.
  • It is the second most expensive ore, with the most being Unobtanium.